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If you own an office building, you probably have had to employ the services of a commercial cleaning company at one time or another in your business’s history. Commercial cleaning businesses are usually contracted to perform cleaning tasks in various premises throughout the city or in multiple states. This service can be invaluable for employers or even for homeowners who want to keep their offices spic and span. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you’ll be able to get the office premises cleaned regularly and safely while conserving the use of commercial cleaning products that may not be safe to use.

One of the most common questions regarding office cleaning rates per hour is the distinction between residential and commercial cleaning rates. It’s important to know the difference between these two types, especially if you’re considering hiring a commercial cleaning company. Performing commercial cleaning inspections and tests on commercial property is different than performing inspections and tests on residential property, primarily because there’s more risk involved with commercial property because of the amount of people who visit the building on a regular basis. For this reason, the rates tend to be higher for commercial property than they are for residential property.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company to do a specific number of tasks like mopping the floors or tidying up closets and storage areas, you’re going to need to have them to complete those tasks on a regular schedule. It might be more cost-efficient to simply hire a few individuals to complete these tasks when needed instead of hiring a larger commercial cleaning crew in the first place. The cost savings can be significant depending on the volume of traffic your office creates each day. If you think it might be beneficial to increase the number of people you hire on a regular basis, talk to your cleaning company about different solutions you can apply to reduce your labor costs. Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Vacuuming and mopping are two of the more common office cleaning tasks. Vacuuming can help remove food particles and dust from the floors while mopping helps loosen dirt and other particles so they can be removed from the surfaces without too much effort. While both of these tasks can be fairly easy, both also create a lot of grit and grime that can be tracked into corners and behind desks. In order to reduce the amount of germs that are introduced into the workplace by these cleaners, consider investing in a quality vacuum or steam cleaner that is powered by less electricity.

Power washing is a great way to make your commercial spaces shine once again. Power washing uses a high-powered jet of water and detergent to remove grime and dirt from hardwood, tile and other surface tops. One of the main benefits of power washing is that it helps to restore the overall shine to any type of surface. Commercial cleaning services that provide janitorial services with power washing can often use specially designed machines to create larger areas of revitalization. You may want to consult with your professional janitorial services to find out what types of surfaces you can power wash and if there are specific areas of the office that should be treated.

Commercial cleaning rates vary from city to city, as do the scope and size of the cleaning projects. Different cities have different laws about when commercial cleaning services can offer deep cleanings. Some cities do not allow companies to clean windows. There are also some cities that limit the number of hours that companies can spend on deep cleans.

The frequency of cleans is also something to consider when choosing commercial cleaning services. Frequencies ranging from once per year to two times per year may be available. Weekly or monthly cleans are also available. You may even be able to get discount pricing on weekly or monthly cleans if you work with a company that offers the option. Other conveniences that you may be offered include a guarantee on your work, a guarantee on the quality of the product or cleaning materials and free tips for hiring a janitor.

Whether you need commercial office cleaning services for a residential space or if you need cleaners for a business office, it’s wise to make a list of the services you need, contact the cleaners and get price quotes before making a final decision. You can also look up a few consumer reviews online to see what other commercial office cleaning service customers have said about the company you are thinking of hiring. Find out how satisfied your employees are with the services they receive. Finally, consider the long-term benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning service.



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